Bob Marley Day 2017
Jan 2017

Be prepared for the biggest reggae event of the year, Bob Marely Day 2017! For the last 17 years this epic event continues strong and will lay its presence in Beijing this February 4th 2017. A staple in the Beijing music scene, expect an amazing line up of some of Beijing’s strongest reggae / dancehall artists, DJ’s and live music acts. Come pay homage to the genre and join us in this true community event well known for its history and track record. The event takes place in the one and only Yugongyishan this February 4th so make sure to lock in your presale tickets now on log on to our events page for more info: http://www.noplayconcepts.com/en/tour-artist


各位准备好迎接国内一年之中最大的Reggae活动,Bob Marely Day 2017!17年来,每年的2月4日Bob Marely Day在北京都会照常举办,每年临近这个时期所有的Reggae爱好者都在蠢蠢欲动,期待着北京最牛逼的Reggae/Dancehall的歌手和DJ在台上向Reggae传奇鲍勃马利致敬。多年来,没有人会错过这次真正的听觉盛宴。今年2月4日依旧在北京愚公移山如期举办,大家现在开始抓紧购买预售门票: http://www.noplayconcepts.com/en/tour-artist !


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